With the sculptures of Marjolijn Mandersloot and Hans van Wezel we find ourselves in pleasant company. And even though recognizable human and animal shapes are an important source of inspiration, they mainly serve as a metaphor. Every sculpture seems to possess a fabulous acting talent. Body poses and material expression are used to create unique characters which are sure to move you. The omission of detail, expanding proportions or the focus on specific parts of the sculpture leads to a pleasant confusion and often even a smile.


Ambiguity suppresses narrative recognition and invites you to find a new interpretation. Do we actually see what we think we see? Heavy bronze sculptures seem to be made of liquid candle wax or soft rubber. And graceful objects of thick saddle leather breathe an atmosphere of traditional luxury. The titles add to the humoristic twist.


The material experience commonly seems to oppose the ‘true’ experience. We are seduced into exploring the borders between imagination and reality. And it is in the surprising tactility of the sculptures that we find their true attraction.



photos: Peter Cox